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For anyone who may be needing t-shirts, I’d like to recommend a young company that supplied a large order of 4,200 for our Youth Convention last year. Silver Lining not only saved us a significant amount of money per shirt, but they also made a significant contribution to our charity, called Speed The Light. They have integrity and quality in the work they do. Out of all our vendors we’ve had in the past, Silver Lining had the softest quality shirts, by far. They also provided the best designed shirts out of all our past vendors, by far. If you need t-shirts or any sort of apparel, Silver Lining is your go-to place!

Mark Dean
MN District Superintendent and Executive Officer
National Assemblies of God

This past fall the Eastview Lightning Touchdown Club and the Apple Valley High School Football Booster Club were working together for the 5th and final “Battle for the Apple” Tackle for Cancer game. The major contribution to the event is made by the sale of the t-shirts. The t-shirt sale is significant to the event because we try to maximize the sale margin as much as possible, while ensuring we receive a quality product that students and fans want to buy. In selecting a vendor to produce the “Battle for the Apple” t-shirts it’s important that the vendor is reputable and also capable of delivering a large order, in our case 1000 t-shirts in a relatively short time frame. Silver Lining not only “delivered on time” but did a terrific job with the graphic design which was a challenge. We requested multi colors on a neon color t-shirt which can be difficult to print. Each high school was very pleased with the quality of the t-shirt and it was proven by the fact that all t-shirts were sold. One of the factors that distinguished Silver Lining from other potential vendors is that they have a strong philanthropic mission within their business. This lends to “win-win” scenario especially for non- profit organizations seeking to minimize cost. If you have a need for t-shirts for your organization, whether the order is small or large, you should seriously consider Silver Lining for the job.

Mark Morken
Global Evidence Development Manager
3M Health Care Business